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Adoption 1

We believe there is a child out there for every family. Family building through adoption is a wonderful, rewarding process for those unable to have children. We are a group of adoption professionals who believe that small, personal, friendly, and family oriented is the type of place birthmothers and adoptive parents want to work and associate with.  Our philosophy “Every Child Deserves a Wonderful Life” is what makes us who we are and why people looking to adopt or place a child for adoption contact us. We primarily provide adoptions by the independent adoption process. Independent adoption is the adoption process where the child or baby is placed directly from the birthmother to the adoptive couple.  Independent adoption is different than working with adoption agencies.  In an agency adoption, the birthmother places her child and her legal rights with the adoption agency involved and then the adoption agency places the child with the adoptive couple.  We recognize adoption can be very expensive and we do everything possible to make the adoption as cost effective as possible. We also believe the adoptive couple and birthmother need to be fully informed with information on the adoption process. Adoption and receiving a child for adoption is one of the most important decisions a person can make.  Adoption should be out of love and not fear and the adoption information we provide helps make it so. Bringing a child into the world and providing the love and home necessary for a child to thrive is what life and family  is about. We encourage you to contact us to learn more about adoption and about us.

Step Parent
The family today is quite different than it was in the past.  People with children are coming together to get married and in the process a “blended” family is formed.  This “blending” creates a wonderful opportunity for all persons of the family, however, it can bring into the family some unique challenges.  As a step-parent and an adoptive parent through private adoption, I have experienced much enjoyment, but also some of the same challenges you may be going through.  I have handled many step-parent adoptions over the years and am able to draw upon my own personal experience along with my legal expertise to provide you with the best representation to see your step-parent adoption to its successful finalization.

Adult adoption, in most situations, is making legal what in fact actually exists in the real world.  The process is streamlined and simplified when compared to private and step-parent adoptions.  Because the person being adopted is an adult, he or she does not require their legal parents consent.  The time from beginning to finalization can be a matter of a couple of months depending on the circumstances of your adoption.

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